Mary Ann Marshall

Psychiatrist Charles Nguyen and bariatric internist Tu Song-Anh Nguyen have discovered that insulin rather than calories is the real culprit in weight gain and obesity--and is therefore the true key to weight loss. In The Thinsulin Program they are joined by health journalist Mary Ann Marshall in explaining why: when we eat foods that raise our insulin level, the body stores fat; when we lower our insulin level, the body naturally burns fat. The book shares its proven, two-stage weight loss plan that lowers insulin levels, enabling dramatic results that have worked for more than ten thousand patients, and teaches you skills to change your thinking permanently so that you can keep the weight off.

The Thinsulin Program

"The Thinsulin Program is a scientifically sound book that'll help you take the weight off for a lifetime." -Daniel G. Amen, MD, author of the New York Times bestseller Change Your Brain, Change Your Life