Mary Ann Marshall

"Thank you Mary Ann, for being the best editor ever, for believing in me, for guiding this book from concept to completion, and for pushing me beyond my perceived boundaries." -Jeff Golfman, author, The Cool Vegetarian

The Cool Vegetarian by Jeff Golfman; edited by Mary Ann Marshall

"Jeff and I share the belief that the way you eat can transform your body, mind and spirit, and also the world in which we live. The way we choose to eat is a profoundly political act with far-reaching consequences, with the pointed ability to suck beauty from the world or to add enchantment and beauty to it.

Jeff has clearly chosen the latter, and this book, with its simple message of hope, healing and embrace of personal revolution, is sound proof of that."

Woody Harrelson
actor, vegan and environmentalist
Foreword to The Cool Vegetarian: The Ultimate Guide for a Veggie, Vegan & Raw Life