Mary Ann Marshall


"Mary Ann Marshall is an insightful, frank and professional editor. She can take a good piece of writing to a great piece of writing, as she has with my work. In these days where manuscripts must be perfect to be considered for publication, Mary Ann Marshall's editing can make the difference from rejection to acceptance. I encourage writers of any caliber to use her services."
–Jo-Ann Mapson, best-selling author of Hank and Chloe, The Wilder Sisters, Bad Girl Creek, Blue Rodeo and many others

"Mary Ann is one of those brilliant editors who knows how to help writers discover new depths to every line."
–Caroline Leavitt, author of eight novels, including Girls in Trouble and Pictures of You

"Mary Ann knows the right questions to ask and is specific about what she has in mind. She will never give up until you've written what you've dreamed you could."
–Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, author of Miriam the Medium

"This book would not have been possible if not for the editorial leadership and constant encouragement of Mary Ann Marshall. Through all of its ups and downs, thank you, Mary Ann, for being there for this amazing journey."
–Charles T. Nguyen, coauthor of The Thinsulin Program: The Breakthrough Solution to Help You Lose Weight and Stay Thin

"I have known and worked with Mary Ann Marshall for 17 years. She is an insightful, gifted editor/​writer. In fact, Mary Ann was the first person I turned to when I needed help revising a draft of my screenplay. Understanding how important it is that characters leap off the page and become real to the reader, it was with Mary Ann's guidance and expertise that my screenplay was transformed from a bland first draft to an interesting, well-paced revision. I couldn't recommend Mary Ann's services more. As a fellow writer, she knows exactly how to get the best out of your work and also the best out of you."
–Diane Paylor, screenwriter

"Mary Ann Marshall edited an essay that centered in an area of my own history that was both painful and deeply personal. That made it very tricky for me to look at dispassionately. Mary Ann brought a sure hand and a deep sensibility to the editing process. Working with her made the essay not only easier for me to work on—in the end, it made the essay an exponentially better read."
–Deborah Grabien, author of the popular JP Kinkaid Chronicles and the Haunted Ballads

"Mary Ann helped me develop a half-way-there idea into a tight, polished work. Without her insightful questions and smart edits, the piece wouldn't have come together so successfully."
–Katherine Tanney, author of Carousel of Progress

"My experience with editor Mary Ann Marshall was great. She gave me incredible notes and helped me see aspects of my essay, Dying is Easy, that I never noticed before. She stuck with me through numerous versions until it was perfect. I recommend her highly."
–Lisa Foster, television writer and producer

“Mary Ann Marshall’s guidance and tutelage was invaluable to my dream of writing my first book as a 20-year law enforcement officer working with the homeless in LA’s Skid Row. Her editing skills and special touch made my story jump off the page and my memories more vivid and surreal. Mary Ann is truly a remarkable person who has a gift for helping writers reach their full potential. She is a pupil-friendly coach, easy to work with, and is worthy of the praise she has received. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future."
–Deon Joseph, author of Diary of a Skid Row Cop